D.J. Cline

Chief Executive Officer
D.J. Cline is the founder of Frontline Medical. For the past nineteen years, DJ has been responsible for the business development and contractual success of Frontline. Dj is an ICS qualified Medical Unit Leader, with extensive EMS/Public Safety experience. He brings to Frontline over twenty-five years of experience as a Flight Paramedic / Supervisor, Air Medical Crew Chief, Fire Fighter / Battalion Chief, EMT, Police Officer, Business Manager, Logistical Resource Specialist, and Contract Specialist. Dj has unique business insight and in-depth knowledge of improving operations while leading tactical marketing activities in an extremely dynamic environment. He has expertise in developing profitable partnerships, forging strategic alliances and negotiating lucrative federal contracts to provide and manage large Disaster Facilities. DJ has provided Nationally recognized leadership, direction, logistical and medical management in the wake of multiple catastrophic disasters, where local infrastructure is virtually non-existent. DJ has participated in the support and management of large disasters, such as, Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike, Harvey, Maria, countless forest fires, and critical flight care in the Middle East, with a private sector Air Medical Service and Saudi Red Crescent Authority. DJ has expert knowledge in treating illnesses related to poisonous plants, food borne illnesses, and heat related illnesses, with extensive experience in critical trauma. He routinely provides Disaster Management Consultations to several Government Agencies and emergency rooms.

Dr. Jeff Kepple

Medical Director
Dr. Kepple provides the Medical Direction for Frontline Medical. His experience and knowledge is the backbone of the service we provide. He has provided medical care in remote countries, as well as his own practice. Dr. Kepple is a wealth of knowledge when we are dealing with "skin" issues, such as poison oak and heat rashes. With his experience as CEO of a California Hospital, Dr. Kepple is able to provide added insight to our business model. His love of family and life are always inspiring. He shares his loves in his music.

Sam Blesse

Director of Operations
Sam Blesse is an accomplished paramedic, having experience in emergency room, ground ambulance, and helicopter. He is also an ICS Qualified Medical Unit Leader. Sam's clinical knowledge and experience is vital to our operations. Sam is also a supervisor for CareFlight Ground in Plumas County. He has a vast amount of expertise in dealing with poisonous plants. Sam is an avid fishermen and outdoorsman. When not spending time with his family, he can be found flipping a fly into a river or lake.

Shawn Poore

Operations Manager
Safety Officer
Shawn has tremendous experience, with a 'can-do' attitude. He is quick to provide a solution to any situation he is involved with. Shawn has proven himself as a people person for our organization. He is well liked by all of his peers and our customers. Shawn is very knowledgable with Northern California resources and politics. When not working for Frontline Medical, or flying with REACH Air Medical, he can be found fishing the Sacramento River for trout and steelhead.

Diane Dawson

Chief Financial Officer
Human Resources
Diane Dawson is a certified EMTB with a degree in english. Diane provides logistical and dispatch support, as well as financial accounting. Diane also manages our Human Resource Department. Diane's experience as a Real Estate Developer provides Frontline with a base of organization. When Frontline is assigned to distant incident locations, Diane provides a foundation of communication for all Frontline Personnel. Her continued support is our rock of continuity. Diane is an avid breeder of Labrador retrievers.

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